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On January 14, 2017, Steve Armbruster, founder of Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino, passed away. Join his family, friends, and the Steve-O's community in remembering and celebrating his great life.

5 Reasons why KeepCups are the perfect walking companion

5 reasons why KeepCup mugs are the perfect walking companion (after your dog, of course):

1. Eco-friendly - Reusable mugs support public park leave-no-trace guidelines.

2. Sealable - The new model has a double sealed lid & more secure plug. Yay for less spillage!

3. Lightweight & Compact - Made from BPA free, fully recyclable plastic, these mugs are significantly lighter and less bulky than traditional travel mugs. Their range of sizes is also a huge plus. Why carry around a giant mug if your drink of choice fits perfectly in an 8oz cup?

4. Barista approved - Designed with specialty coffee in mind, these cups fit under most espresso machine group-heads. This, along with their wide mouth (great for pouring into), makes for an ideal coffee mug, one of the many components that contributes to great tasting coffee.

5. Doubles as Hand Warmer - You need something to keep your mitts warm while trekking through Point Pleasant Park

*BONUS REASON* - From February 21-23, Steve-O-Reno's will donate $1 for every KeepCup sold to The Nova Scotia SPCA - Provincial Animal Shelter in honor of National Cupcake Day for SPCAs & Humane Societies!

If you can't join us for our #CupcakeDay events, please consider making a monetary donation here.

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