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On January 14, 2017, Steve Armbruster, founder of Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino, passed away. Join his family, friends, and the Steve-O's community in remembering and celebrating his great life.

August 2015 - Dunbar Ceramics

Gloria Dunbar

1969 began an unexpected journey into the pottery world. My decision to go to NSCAD University was solely based on a love of the arts, but finding the Ceramics Department in the basement began a 40 year love of clay, and its possibilities.

The focus of my work is functional, tied to the everyday traditions of family and food, and strongly influenced by the ocean that surrounds me in Lawrencetown.

The studio is open by appointment year-round, and a selection of work is also available in several shops and galleries around Nova Scotia. Custom orders are also welcome.

Gloria Dunbar is a member of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild.

111 Little Pond Lane
Lawrencetown, NS B2Z 0A4



Dunbar Ceramics

July 2015 - Wabi Scotia Pottery

Amy Noel

Wabi Scotia Pottery

My pottery is the result of experiences in both Nova Scotia and Japan.  I aim to create humble and unique pieces that represent the Wabi Sabi philosophy, which I came to love in Japan.

"Wabi Sabi" refers to seeing beauty in things that are imperfect; the irregularities and asymmetry of a piece are what give it a beauty that is all it's own.  "Humble" and "natural" pieces could even be held as more valuable than a fancy, elaborate pot.  Along this line of thinking, I also want you to see that my pieces are handmade; that someone has shaped and moulded the clay into unique pieces of pottery.

I am inspired by the rough nature and simplicity of Nova Scotian culture which blends perfectly with my wabi sabi style.  Things like a day spent blueberry picking, a walk in the woods while the snow is falling, or seeing a fish jump from the water are the humble joys that I wish to convey to you.  When you use my pottery I want you to feel transported to a weekend at the cottage or on a camping trip, and feel a little more relaxed because of it.


June 2015 - Jason Desnoyers

Jason Desnoyers was raised in Montreal, Quebec. Desnoyers’ interest in ceramic art began while attending Concordia University and later earned his BFA in ceramics at NSCAD University in 2013. Desnoyers is currently attending the NSCAD School of Extended Studies Artist in Residence program in NewGlasgow, Nova Scotia.

His works are presented with the aim not to give an idealistic view but to show where light and the environment are important. The energy of a place and its vibrancy are always important, and affects Desnoyers’ work. By focusing on techniques and materials, he considers making art a craft which is executed using clear formal rules and which should always refer to social reality and playing with tactile notions.


Instagram @j15desnoyers

April 2015 - Arundel Studios Pottery


Bronwyn Arundel

Arundel Studios Pottery

Bronwyn Arundel owns and operates Arundel Studios Pottery on Herring Cove Rd in Halifax. Bronwyn is an artist with interest in combining drawing and ceramics. She has a BFA from NSCAD University and has been a full time potter since 2012.

She believes in the utilitarian function of ceramics and the active role that these art objects can have in our lives. Using Pottery as the canvas for whimsical and narrative imagery of animals and people, Bronwyn strives to bring joy and humor into the every day.

These mugs are for sale and use at Steve-O-Reno's Cafe (1536 Brunswick) throughout April 2015.

Instagram - @bronwynarundel

Facebook - Arundel Studios Pottery

March 2015 - Nova Terra Cotta Pottery

Joan Bruneau

Nova Terra Cotta Pottery

"Sipping from a unique, hand-made cup invites one to slow down and contemplate the flavour of a good "cuppa" as the hands and eyes are treated to a visual and tactile journey. Few objects in our daily lives offer as intimate and sensually engaging ritual as a finely hand-crafted cup containing a delicious warm drink. My intent as a studio potter is to inspire interaction with my pots through their sensuous forms and colourful surfaces. The pots function as decorative objects which come to life through use. Interaction with the viewer/user completes their aesthetic potential as they contain, deliver or present food, drink or flowers. Preparing and presenting an inspired meal or arranging flowers in a specific container, affirms our connection to identity, while elevating domestic rituals from the banal to beautiful. Using Lantz clay, the red earthenware native to Nova Scotia, my wheel thrown and assembled pottery is decorated with slip, and food safe glazes." - Joan Bruneau

Visit Joan Bruneau's studio/showroom in Lunenburg, NS.

Nova Terra Cotta Pottery 
10 Dufferin St

Lunenburg, NS
B0J 2C0

February 2015 - Melody Hillman Ceramics

Melody Hillman

Melody Hillman Ceramics

I have always enjoyed crafting and the arts and, while searching for a new creative outlet, tried my hand at pottery for the after moving from Ottawa to Nova Scotia. Working in my home studio on Nova Scotia's beautiful Eastern Shore, I primarily create functional stoneware pieces that can be used in everyday life.

Instagram - @melodyhillmanceramics

January 2015 - Anne Pryde Pottery

Anne Pryde

Anne Pryde Pottery

Anne Pryde is a professional ceramic artist working from her home-based studio in Hatchet Lake Nova Scotia. 

'I enjoy the satisfaction that comes with making and using an object. The joy of a warm cup of coffee in a mug made with pleasure is a wonderful thing. I believe that you are what you own, and I hope to provide items of beauty for daily use in the home. 

My work is influenced by wild medicinal plants, agricultural practices and a strong tradition of pottery in Nova Scotia. I enjoy the process of making from start to finish, composing glazes from their chemical components, hand throwing and building each individual piece and decorating freehand from my sketches.'

Facebook - Anne Pryde Pottery

Instagram - @aprydepottery

Twitter - @aprydepottery

December 2014 - B Practical Pottery

Bridget Fairbank

B Practical Pottery

 'I find comfort in the mundane but can’t help wanting to shatter the monotony of the everyday. Being a potter is my way of revolt, my way of spreading a philosophy that the everyday is exceptional and that we must pay attention to what we use. A quiet revolution is cooking in my kiln and in my kitchen.'

Facebook - B Practical Pottery

Instagram - @bpracticalpottery

November 2014 - Therese Bombardier

Therese Bombardier

Therese Bombardier Designs

Therese Bombardier Designs are elegant ceramic jewellery and functional housewares handcrafted in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

The designs are inspired by the artist’s personal collection of doilies and lace handpicked from antique stores, secondhand shops, and private collections to create original imprinted earrings, pendants, tumblers, mugs and vases.

Twitter - @ThereseBdesigns

Instagram - @ThereseBDesigns

Facebook - Therese Bombardier Designs

October 2014 - Black Crow Pottery

Shauna MacLeod

Black Crow Pottery

"I am a maker at heart. I create decorative and functional domestic ware using Nova Scotia red earthenware clay. I am influenced strongly by my environmental landscape, historical ceramics and everyday events. Much of my work has a personal connection vital to what I want to communicate which includes showing evidence of the handmade, expressing the comfort and ritual of daily use, and to represent community, sharing, and celebration."
Instagram - @blackcrowpottery #blackcrowpottery 
Facebook - Black Crow Pottery NS 

September 2014 - Forage Studios

Mariko Paterson

Forage Studios

Mariko Paterson has been around the ceramic block. Born and raised in Vancouver, she skedaddled after a stint at Langara College to pursue a degree at the Alberta College of Art and then Kent State University to complete her MFA degree. While she has also made New York, Michigan, Ohio and Manitoba as just some points of her professional pursuits, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia now serves as ceramic headquarters. Forage Studios strives to produce a subversive strain of ceramic work as well as serve the community with an education of the arts.

Historical meets handbuilding where her sculptural interests lay and a dalliance with the pottery wheel has resulted in both forms and a forum for exploring her love of creamy cone 6 clay bodies and illustration.

August 2014 - Jenny Morton

Jenny Morton

Jenny Morton is a Halifax based ceramic artist. Using hand building techniques each piece is unique, waiting to be held by the perfect fitting hand. Discovering the subtleties of these individual beauties through use will enhance even the most mundane tasks. Whether it's drinking a cup of coffee, or doing the dreaded dishes, these routine functions will become daily simple pleasures to look forward to. 

Instagram: @mortermer

June 2014 - Slightly Irregular

Chelsea Legge

Slightly Irregular


"I am born and raised in Nova Scotia and I love using local earthenware! It reminds me of being 5 years old and playing in the mud!"


Graduated from NSCAD in 2010, with a BFA in Ceramics.


Functional pottery available at the Seaport Farmers' Market on Saturdays and Sundays at the Legge's Warmers stall.


Twitter: @SlightlyIrreg

Instagram: @slightlyirreg

Facebook: Slightly Irregular 

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