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On January 14, 2017, Steve Armbruster, founder of Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino, passed away. Join his family, friends, and the Steve-O's community in remembering and celebrating his great life.

April 2015 - Arundel Studios Pottery


Bronwyn Arundel

Arundel Studios Pottery

Bronwyn Arundel owns and operates Arundel Studios Pottery on Herring Cove Rd in Halifax. Bronwyn is an artist with interest in combining drawing and ceramics. She has a BFA from NSCAD University and has been a full time potter since 2012.

She believes in the utilitarian function of ceramics and the active role that these art objects can have in our lives. Using Pottery as the canvas for whimsical and narrative imagery of animals and people, Bronwyn strives to bring joy and humor into the every day.

These mugs are for sale and use at Steve-O-Reno's Cafe (1536 Brunswick) throughout April 2015.

Instagram - @bronwynarundel

Facebook - Arundel Studios Pottery

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