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On January 14, 2017, Steve Armbruster, founder of Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino, passed away. Join his family, friends, and the Steve-O's community in remembering and celebrating his great life.

June 2015 - Jason Desnoyers

Jason Desnoyers was raised in Montreal, Quebec. Desnoyers’ interest in ceramic art began while attending Concordia University and later earned his BFA in ceramics at NSCAD University in 2013. Desnoyers is currently attending the NSCAD School of Extended Studies Artist in Residence program in NewGlasgow, Nova Scotia.

His works are presented with the aim not to give an idealistic view but to show where light and the environment are important. The energy of a place and its vibrancy are always important, and affects Desnoyers’ work. By focusing on techniques and materials, he considers making art a craft which is executed using clear formal rules and which should always refer to social reality and playing with tactile notions.


Instagram @j15desnoyers

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