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On January 14, 2017, Steve Armbruster, founder of Steve-O-Reno's Cappuccino, passed away. Join his family, friends, and the Steve-O's community in remembering and celebrating his great life.

August 2015 - Dunbar Ceramics

Gloria Dunbar

1969 began an unexpected journey into the pottery world. My decision to go to NSCAD University was solely based on a love of the arts, but finding the Ceramics Department in the basement began a 40 year love of clay, and its possibilities.

The focus of my work is functional, tied to the everyday traditions of family and food, and strongly influenced by the ocean that surrounds me in Lawrencetown.

The studio is open by appointment year-round, and a selection of work is also available in several shops and galleries around Nova Scotia. Custom orders are also welcome.

Gloria Dunbar is a member of the Nova Scotia Potters Guild.

111 Little Pond Lane
Lawrencetown, NS B2Z 0A4



Dunbar Ceramics

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